Jackyl Announce Strip Bar Release Party Tour

To celebrate the release of their new album, "When Moonshine and Dynamite Collide (Mighty Loud)," Jackyl is embarking on a promotional tour called, April Showers Bring May Jackyl T?#@Y-Bar Dates.

Partnering with radio in cities across the south and Midwest, the band has targeted some of their favorite strip clubs in which to throw a series of CD release parties that will double as on-location video shoots for the first single "She's Not A Drug".

Vocalist Jesse James Dupree had this to say, "JACKYL is working with Rock radio stations in some of the coolest Rock cities and taking Rock back to the DIRTY DIRTY." Dupree goes onto add, "When the kids in the 50's were interviewed and asked why they were digging this new Rock & Roll, they didn't say because it's going to bring world peace or cure cancer, they were getting hot and bothered ..... SHAKE IT SHAKE IT SHINEY GO-GO BOOTS AND LOTS OF HINEY SHAKING........ PUH-POW!!!!"

The album's lead single "She's Not A Drug" entered the Active Rock charts at #57 and continues to receive generous spins at stations such as KQRC- Kansas City, WFTK -Cincinnati, WJJO - Madison, WI, WXRX, Rockford, IL, WIIL- Chicago, WIYY � Baltimore, just to name a few.

5/4/2010 � Greenville, SC - CD RELEASE PARTY / VIDEO SHOOT
5/5/2010 � Johnson City, TN - CD RELEASE PARTY / VIDEO SHOOT
5/6/2010 �Cincinnati, OH - CD RELEASE PARTY / VIDEO SHOOT
5/7/2010 � Indianapolis, IN - CD RELEASE PARTY / VIDEO SHOOT
5/11/2010 � Chicago, IL - CD RELEASE PARTY / VIDEO SHOOT
5/12/2010 � Madison, WI - CD RELEASE PARTY / VIDEO SHOOT
5/13/2010 � Rockford, IL - CD RELEASE PARTY / VIDEO SHOOT
5/22/2010 - Pryor, OK - Bikelahoma
5/26/2010 � Santa Rosa, CA � Last Day Saloon
5/29/2010 - St. Louis, MO - Rib America Festival / Soldier's Memorial Park
5/29/2010 - Monteagle, TN - Thunder On The Rocks Bike Rally
6/18/2010 - Sioux City, IA - Awesome Biker Nights
6/26/2010 - LaCrosse, WI - Octoberfest
7/16/2010 - Gering, NE - Oregon Trail Lounge
7/17/2010 - Roberts, MT - Bull Pen / Beartooth Rally
7/24/2010 � Peoria, IL - Expo Gardens- Crusaders For Kids
7/30/2010 � Toledo, OH � Toledo Harley Davidson
8/20/2010 � Louisville, KY � Kentucky State Fair
9/4/2010 - Indianapolis, IN � Rib America Festival / Military Park

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