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SoFlo Entertainment releases Rahsaan's debut album Georgetown. This album explores his true-to-life story through vivid rhymes and narrated by The Source Magazine's former Editor-In-Chief, Selwyn Seyfu Hinds.

Rahsaan takes his inspiration from first-hand history and experiences to excel beyond comparable measures at the art of expression over a beat. While this album is not based on superficial idealism, not every track is based on deep retrospection either.

From party-anthem kick drums to slow-pimpin' rhythm and blues, the forthcoming album is ripe with marvelous melodies. To describe Rahsaan's flow you have to step outside of the box, creating a new interpretation rhyme.

On some tracks Rahsaan glides along the beat softly spitting lyrics, while on others he jabs his rhyme into the song with ferocity and clarity. Rahsaan's undeniable dedication to his artistry has given him a unique balance to embody commercial marketability and artistic substance. Production by Justice League, Needlz, Melo X and more add to the flavor blend.
Currently his single Mr. A & R featuring The Last American B-Boy is playing on college radio stations throughout North America as they ready for this album.

Album Track Listing
|01..| My Brother The Rap Star (Ft Selwyn Seyfu Hinds)
|02..| Mr. A & R (Ft.The Last American B-Boy)
|03..| Hands Up
|04..| Little Ghetto Boy
|05..| Think About You (Ft. Joe Tann)
|06..| Wanna Get High
|07..| Georgetown
|08..| Starlite Nites (Ft. Selwyn Seyfu Hinds)
|09..| Gotta Love It
|10..| Here We Go Again
|11..| Sneaker Store Terrorist
|12..| To Her (Ft. Selwyn Seyfu Hinds)
|13..| To Her (You Don't Love Me)
|14..| Mama's Baby
|15..| I Write This For (Ft. Selwyn Seyfu Hinds)
|16..| Look At Me Now (Ft. The Last American B-Boy)

*BONUS TRACK* Gotta Love It Remix (Ft. Mickey Factz)

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