Singled Out: 2Cents' Get What?

Welcome to Singled Out! where we ask artists to tell us the inside story of their latest single. 2Cents just released their heavy hitting new album "Dress To Kill" last month and kicked off the Jagermeister tour this week. We caught up with frontman Adam O'Rourke and asked him to tell us about the new single "Get What?" Here is Adam with the tale!:

'Get What?' came about as sort of a sarcastic celebration of our cultures obsession with instant gratification. I was on tour a year or so back staring out the window, watching the world pass. I was thinking of all the crap reality shows on TV. Thinking about how people wanted fame without talent, success without sacrifice, that sort of thing. It was disturbing to me why we gave a f**k about people like Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie.

I began relating our society to a guy at a bar. He looks across the room and sees a beautiful woman. His concern is not to meet her, get to know her build something lasting it is to simply f**k her and move on. That metaphor fueled the chorus to the song, "If you came to fall in love baby your outta luck, cause everybody here just came to get ------". People want what is going to distract them or give them a quick fix. I believe 'Get What?' possesses the question why, without condemning or condoning.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album - right here!

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