A New Start For Darkest Hour

MetalSucks' Vince Neilstein recently caught up with Darkest Hour guitarist and founding member Mike Schleibaum and discussed a variety of topics. The following excerpt is where they discuss the band parting ways with Victory Records and inking with E1

When we were writing the Eternal Return we knew it was the last Victory record. We knew that things were going to be rocky with not resigning, so we had our tentacles out there. It wasn't until after the record came out and we've been on tour for awhile that we started getting offers. I'm happy to say that the decade of turbulence on Victory Records . . . still surviving that, and we still had an offer from almost every label you would want to sign to. It was pretty obvious from the beginning who were the ones that we're the best fit for.

E1 is kind of new. They do have artists, but it's not the first one that I would have thought of. After seeing all the deals and meeting all the people, they just really seemed like they're the perfect place for us to go with a whole new start and being able to totally re-launch as a band and have our own identity. For so long we were tied to the way Victory markets bands and being in that role, you know? It's nice now to be able to be an extreme, aggressive metal band that has its own identity. - more on this story

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