Marc Mysterio Vs Radio Station

(World Class Records) Late Friday (approx. 11:45pm) a listener called Twin-Cities-based KHTC-FM (Now 96.3fm), a Twin-Cities Top-40 station and requested Marc Mysterio's song, "One More Time," charted 24 on KHTC's Top-40, yet the presenter cut her voice to make it appear that she was requesting the Black Eyed Peas.

"I think that it's outrageous that I call a new radio station to request a charted song by Marc Mysterio, `One More Time' (cover of Daft Punk classic) yet the host (female not named on the KHTC website on from approx 11:30pm to 3am FRI-night/SAT-morning) totally manipulated me, as a caller, by splicing my actual call whereby she said, on-air, 'you wanna hear the Black Eyed Peas, right' and then took a 'yeah' from my 5 minute call with her!" said Michelle Luftus, listener of Now 96.3fm-KHTC.

"I'm disappointed in the actions of KHTC-fm host and hope this doesn't represent a change in the station's opinion of Marc whereas they play/chart his records daily!" said Luciano Ingrosso, Marc's Manager/CEO/Joia Records(SE), Founder of Swedish House Mafia(Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello).

Marc Mysterio has an excellent industry reputation, as previously noted by the likes of Judge Jules and Grammy winner Roger Sanchez.

"In a short time, Marc has managed to conquer the cold face of dance," said Judge Jules, BBC Radio 1 presenting Marc's guest appearance.

"Marc has been working his craft and building his presence in the global-scene with big-room-anthems with crossover-appeal, and it's a pleasure to have worked with him on my album!" said Roger Sanchez.

Marc received, via myspace, a message from this listener whom recorded the conversation, and reacted:

"I got the station info and called, however, this host repeatedly hung up on me, refused to state her name and told me to 'get over it and do what you got to do."

"My picture is on KHTC's website on their playlist chart - it's so disrespectful to my fans, not to mention Felli Fel & Judge Jules whom broke my song on Power 106(LA) in USA and BBC(UK), and the program director at KHTC that charted my song based on fan demand!" said Marc.

Marc Mysterio has sent a letter to KHTC-fm P.D. Sam Elliot demanding that this host (Saturdays early morning 12am) apologize to his fans/KHTC-fm listeners on-air.

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