Pete Sanchez Release Parties

Pete Sanchez (the band, not the man) can be seen at two upcoming CD release parties, happening Thursday June 10th at Fontanas in New York City at 11pm and on Long Island in Melville at Wild Hog Saloon on Saturday June 19th at 10pm.

Dix Hills, NY (May 7, 2010) On a winter day back in 2006, brothers George (Vocals) and Brian (Drums) Wolf got together with brothers Scott (Guitar) and Sean (Bass) Bruno to create a musical experiment, a band which they named Pete Sanchez.

"The name doesn't really have any specific meaning, we just thought it was humorous" recalled singer and frontman George Wolf. The moniker has stuck, and over the past few years the band has been building an impressive resume in the media and on stage with their indie rock meets grunge appeal and their method to approaching songwriting. Their second CD titled Racoon Maisy is now available on Itunes, Amazon and through CDBaby.com

"We don't fit into a mold or try and copy things we have heard in the past, we just play together as four musicians and create a fifth element - that's the basis of Pete Sanchez" said guitarist and songwriter Scott Bruno. "The whole is the sum of it's parts and our music works best when everything comes together as one".

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