Lemmy and Motorhead Dominate ROCKtropia

Neverdie Studios has launched ROCKtropia, the first virtual music world and the first independently developed virtual planet in MindArk's Entropia Universe. Created by virtual world pioneer and entrepreneur Jon "Neverdie" Jacobs, the planet introduces a revolutionary, highly interactive venue for artists to connect with their fans while also creating a new revenue stream in the music space and a platform for artists to pursue fame and fortune.

The first continent to be inhabited on the planet will be the home to destinations created for rock icon Lemmy, lead singer of Motorhead, and hit singer/songwriter/producer Kevin Rudolf. "The launch of ROCKtropia is a personal triumph," said NEVERDIE. "It has been a long time in the making and we're thrilled to be the first new virtual world on the amazing Entropia Universe platform. With the help of Lemmy and Kevin, we have created an exciting new experience for both music fans and gamers. We look forward to exploring new ideas and working with many more artists in the future."

ROCKtropia's landscape is a fully interactive 3D destination that allows artists and their fans to connect in an immersive and entertaining environment. ROCKtropia represents a viable, new revenue stream for the music industry. In addition to introducing groundbreaking communication and revenue capabilities to the music world, the planet offers artists unprecedented creative input into the design and development of their online presence in a highly stylized, customized virtual land.

Without depending on album sales, artists can generate real-world revenue from their fans' participation in their land through Entropia's virtual reality economic system, including the introduction of limited edition virtual merchandise tied to album launches. The symbiotic relationship also lets fans earn real-world income through activity in the virtual goods economy of their favorite artist's destination, creating additional incentive for fans to get involved in the community.

The continent will also feature the City of Dreams, where up-and-coming artists can pursue their aspirations and gain exposure, and the Vampire Freaks Cathedral, a gathering place for VampireFreaks.com members. ROCKtropia's lands currently include:

* Lemmy's Castle Located high in the rugged terrain and mountains, Lemmy's Castle sits on the north side of ROCKtropia and is guarded by demon spawn, dragons and other creatures created by Lemmy himself.

* Motorhead Stadium A massive arena inside a crater, Motorhead Stadium features three large stages that will be the location for live performances and battle events.

* ZOMhattan Inspired by Manhattan and created in conjunction with Kevin Rudolph, ZOMhattan was originally intended to be the capital of ROCKtropia until beta testers' avatars were turned into zombies by a virus. A safe haven in the city, Rudolph's B.A.M.F Headquarters will also exist as a location for his fans to gather and check out new music and content from the singer. Fans of Rudolph will also be able to buy the singer's virtual merchandise, earn exclusive prizes and receive advance access to new material.

* City of Dreams The center of pop culture in ROCKtropia, the City of Dreams is the location for aspiring artists to promote their music and pursue fame and fortune. Through quests, musicians can earn tokens to get their music played on Club NEVERDIE Live, ROCKtropia's main radio station, or score airplay on Jango internet radio. Artists that prove popular can earn the opportunity to get their own studio and potentially their own income-generating venue. The city will also be the home to a palace run by Audio-Freaks.com, one of the UK's biggest, most popular Dance Music Production companies, and NEVERDIE Studios' own machinima Film Studio, the location for new artists to create their own music videos.

* VampireFreaks Cathedral Situated in ROCKtropia's deep forest and surrounded by vampire chicks, wolves and werewolves, the Cathedral is home to VampireFreaks.com members, the largest industrial Goth Vampire social network with more than 3 million members.

NEVERDIE Studios has also created exclusive, limited edition virtual goods that can be earned by early members of ROCKtropia. This includes the opportunity to win guitar axes by defeating the guardians of Lemmy's castle and diamond encrusted shotguns launched by B.A.M.F. HQ by conquering Zomhattan's zombies.

"It's a wonderful idea really," said Lemmy of ROCKtropia. "It's the best idea that has ever been visited upon in my suffering years. I get to invent monsters that go on to slaughter thousands of people and I get paid for it! What could possibly be better than that?"

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