Super Bad Metal False Imprisonment?

Hollywood Reporter has a tongue in cheek report about the $5 million dollar "lawsuit of the year" involving the management of veteran metal band Manowar, a photographer, alleged false imprisonment and attempted extortion. Read on!

HR report: Yasha Young says she represents Annie Bertram, who was contracted by Magic Circle Films, a music management company that the complaint indicates is run by "Joey de Majo." (We think the plaintiff means metal band Manowar bassist Joey DeMaio but we're not 100% sure).

Young says when she arrived in Germany, she was met by Joey's "bodyguard," who ushered her into a taxi that took her to a "seedy, out-of-the-way hotel." Another "bodyguard" brought her to a room and the original "bodyguard" was told to leave. There, she claims she was told she owed the company $25,000 and was instructed to write a check on the spot. [The lawsuit claims, "She was told that once she wrote the check she would be free to leave and that, if she left without making the demanded payment, things would get 'super bad' for Plaintiff."]

Why did they demand the money? - Read on

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