League510 Get Reacquainted

League510 is proud to release "Reacquainted" demonstrating a soulful twist on their Town Techno sound waves. Produced by DJ Blacksmith and Beat Roc, the relaxed track features an electro synth melody behind TK, Mont, Mr. Knowitall, and DJ Blacksmith's loveable antics with lines like "My little pony macaroni and dark wing duck."

League510 describes the song as, "Seeing a past lover or childhood crush with unresolved love and trying to rekindle the flame."

As "Reacquainted" plays on a popular theme, League510 loved reminiscing about their experiences while simultaneously creating a catchy hook that expressed the song's mood.

The League drills home the importance of never letting love pass you by as Mr. Knowitall raps, "That old flame still burns / I let you get away once and I learned / We still got empty pages / I think we should get reacquainted." So go ahead, see an old flame last week? Reignite the flame with a call to your own pony macaroni.

League510's compilation project Invasion Vol. 1 will invade planet Earth in Spring 2010 via Clear Label Records.

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