Todd Rundgren Two of His Albums In Full On New Tour

Todd Rundgren will perform two complete albums, Healing and Todd, in the same live concert, starting in early September 2010.

The first show is scheduled for September 5 in Akron, Ohio. The tour includes concerts in Muskegon, Michigan (September 8); St. Louis, Missouri (September 10); Indianapolis, Indiana (September 11); Glenside, Pennsylvania (September 14); and Morristown, New Jersey (September 15).

Two additional events will bring extra depth to the 10-day tour. First is the official Toddstock Movie Premiere, followed by a party, which will take place on September 7 in Muskegon (amid rumors that the musician will be in attendance). For those who missed it, the week-long Toddstock festival celebrated Todd's 60th birthday; throughout the week, hundreds of fans from around the globe camped out on his property, and the gala wrapped up with a world premiere concert to launch his Arena album.

A week later as the tour approaches its final concert, Rundgren will take time to share with listeners his thoughts on a variety of subjects. On September 13, in the Philadelphia area, Rundgren will be a guest in front of a live audience for an interview with Emmy Award-winning personality Roy Firestone.

Todd Rundgren is a songwriter, video pioneer, producer, recording artist, computer software developer, conceptualist, and interactive artist whose music features an amazing variety of sounds and styles. The lively tracks on Todd exemplify his interest in music synthesizers, while the gentler Healing displays the more traditional and spiritual side of his music.

According to Rundgren, "These shows are proposed and promoted by the fans. I'm lucky to have a very loyal audience". The musician's followers enthuse about the energy he brings to the stage, and they embrace the charged vibe that is typical of a Rundgren concert.

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