3 Questions with Marc Mysterio About the Fake Radio Controversy

We ran the following special in Friday's Day in Pop, but we wanted to repost it here today because it may be of some interest to rock fans who listen to radio. Before we get to the special we will reiterate a point that several people from radio told us after the original article ran. The incident you are about to read about, is NOT a common practice at radio. That's why the incident caused so much controversy when it happened. Here is the special: Imagine calling your local radio station to request a song currently on their playlist chart and a short time later you hear your voice on air manipulated to sound like you are requesting a song from another artist. A fan of house music hitmaker Marc Mysterio had that experience last Friday with Twin-Cities Top-40 radio station KHTC-FM. We ran the wire story about the incident last Monday where Mysterio asked the station's program director for an apology read it here and now to kick off our new "3 Questions" series we caught up with Mysterio to delve a little deeper, get an update and see if he ever received that apology. We discover that sadly, the opposite happened. Here are the 3 Questions with Marc Mysterio

? 1) How did you find out about what this radio station did to your fan?: I just returned from Europe to my home in Montréal last week, and learned that my song, 'One More Time', had amazingly on its own made the transition from mix show and club success to being added to top 40 radio stations daytime playlists and charts across America based on fan demand. I think that as a house/dance artist, we depend on our core followers long term and maybe have a bit more personal relationship with our fans since we are touring, mostly in clubs, where fans can come up to us, give us a hug, have a drink, etc.

This fan in particular, I had known for a few years and she had saw my tweet to go and request the song, which she did (and recorded herself as a joke that she could send on to me later). Anyways, the radio station flipped what she had said and she reached out to me on myspace. I was getting ready for a gig and I called her and she played me the whole conversation over the phone!

I then called the station and confronted this female host -- and I have no idea whom she is since this radio station doesn't even have a show schedule or hosts name's listed on their site -- and she told me to 'get over it and do what you got to do'.

The rest is history, and I have received so much support from fans all over the world, even Andrew Breitbart whom made it a breaking news story on his home page on breitbart.com! Nice to know that even conservatives are feeling house music too! - read the other 2 questions to find out the radio station's response

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