The Creators Project Launched

VICE and Intel Corporation today launched The Creators Project, an unprecedented creative initiative designed to connect global youth through a common passion for creativity and technology.

The multi-year program is dedicated to identifying leading artists and enabling them to showcase their works and artistic visions through interactive media including creative conferences, new multi-disciplinary collaborative projects and a new video website, http://TheCreatorsProject.com.

The carefully selected collection of more than 80 artists hailing from seven countries includes such established creative pioneers as Phoenix, UNKLE, Stefan Sagmeister, Mira Calix and Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, as well as the next generation of innovators working in indie film, futuristic architecture, avant-garde electronica and fashion. These include Brazil's Muti Randolph, China's Peng Lei, the U.K.'s United Visual Artists, and the U.S.' Radical Friend.

This diverse cast of creators is united by their shared belief that technology and its tools are catalysts to push artistic boundaries and bring ideas to life.

The project is highlighted by The Creators Conference series. These five huge international events will bring thousands of people together for live concerts, art exhibits, film screenings and panel discussions. New York City hosts the first Creators Conference with an all-day extravaganza at Milk Studios. The eight-floor art gallery and performance space will host exhibits by Takeshi Murata, Karl Sadler, Mark Essen and Radical Friend, and performances by Mark Ronson, Interpol, Gang Gang Dance, N.A.S.A, Sleigh Bells and Salem.

The series will then move to London, Sao Paulo, Seoul, and concludes in Beijing with a three-day finale where participating artists and exhibits will be flown in from the across the globe.

The Creators Project kicks off today with the launch of http://TheCreatorsProject.com , an interactive portal and anthology which will house a selection of eighty-four original videos and featuring work and interviews from the most creative artists across the globe. The site is the nerve center for the entire initiative and will live-stream interviews, performances, exhibits and panel discussions from the Creators Conferences, allowing millions of viewers from across the globe to virtually participate.

"The Creators Project is built on supporting leading musicians, artists and designers from every corner of the globe," said creator Mark Ronson. "All too often our most talented artists struggle to showcase their work. This project is designed to empower this next generation of artists by leveling the playing field. The fact that The Creators Project is driven by collaborations between artists across the spectrum of creativity is amazing. I came from being a DJ first, which is kind of the role of master curator, so I'm driven on watching people work together. The Creators Project is something that makes me think -- because it's VICE and because it's Intel -- this really could be the first special community of its kind."

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