Circle Jerks and X Classics Getting 180 Gram Vinyl Reissue Treatment

Porterhouse Prime Vinyl has two new releases this summer from veteran punk bands, Circle Jerks and X. Here are the details.

June 8 2010: Circle Jerks "Wonderful" 12" 180 Gram Vinyl : Fourth Studio album from Los Angeles punk rockers. This re-mastered re-release features 180 Gram premium vinyl and contains original lyric sleeve. One of the bands most popular records.

July 13 2010 X "Under the Big Black Sun" 12" 180 Gram Vinyl: Out of print for over 15 years the bands third studio album is a critically acclaimed masterpiece of American music. Re-mastered and complete with original inner lyric sheet. Production overseen by Exene and John Doe. - Label's site

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