Former W.A.S.P. Members Form W.A.S.

Three former members of W.A.S.P. have reunited to form a new band called W.A.S. (short for Where Angels Suffer) according to Classic Rock and Blabbermouth.

The former W.A.S.P. members, Chris Holmes, Randy Piper and Stet Howland are joined by former Metal Church bass player Steve Unger and Animal frontman Rich Lewis.

The group will release their debut album, Purgatory, later this year. Blabbermouth reports that it is already complete and the site quoted Stet Howland as describing their live plans, "We will play all the hits, as well as ALL the dangerous music the current [lineup of] W.A.S.P. is skipping. 'F*ck Like A Beast'? 'Mean Man'? Huhh? HUH?" - Read the Blabbermouth report

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