Gallows End Set June Album Release

Gallows End have announced a June 25th worldwide release date for their debut album "Nemesis Divine".

The album will be released through Farvahar Records and distributed worldwide by Nightmare Records. The CD has been recorded, mixed and mastered at the 7th Gate Studios by Thord Klarström. All artwork is from the hand of J.P. Fournier (– also, Edguy, Avantasia, Immortal, Dragonforce, Powerquest, Steel Attack, Stormlord, among others).

Originally conceived as a one-man project of multi-talented frontman Thord Klarström, Gallows End has grown to a full four-piece lineup. After releasing a 3-song demo in 2007 that garnered critical and fan praise, work began on a full-length CD.

The promise hinted at in the demo recordings comes to fruition on Nemesis Divine – guitar-centered and laden with catchy riffs and melodies, the lyrics run from the haunting title track to the rousing "Not Your Own" to the infectious "Soul Collector."

With clean, but gritty and powerful vocals, well-placed harmonies, talented instrumentation and songwriting, and strong production values, Nemesis Divine is what a metal album should be – 59 minutes of bone-crushing, head-banging, neck-snapping, face-melting metal fun.

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