Your Demise Begin Recording New Album

Your Demise are currently holed up recording in Reading, UK, working on the follow up to 2009's "Ignorance Never Dies."

The band have been writing in California after months of touring and return to the studio with long time collaborator Jon Mitchell at Outhouse Studios and take a brief break from recording to play this year's Slam Dunk festival this weekend alongside New Found Glory and Alkaline Trio.

Guitarist Stu Paice notes: "The new songs are a very big progression, the best stuff the band has ever written by far. It's a big step up in sound - I think the most important thing is that band is 100% proud for the first time for the album we have produced!"

Serving as full-time vocalist and songwriter for noise rock/metalcore contortionists The Chariot, Josh Scogin is known to the general public for (as a review on Absolute Punk proclaimed) "chaotic music that consistently bashes your skull in." However for the past few years rumors and news of a side project dropped in outlets such as Alternative Press of a foray into alt country songwriting. That project is A Rose By Any Other Name which is releasing a debut album One For My Master, One For My Dame this month. On full display is Scogin's melodic croon, warm acoustic guitar washes and depending on the songs a bevy of backing instruments.

Scogin who has been working on this album in-between The Chariot's non-stop tour schedule started recording these songs as long as four years ago. Scogin reveals, "I have been writing songs that were very chill since late high school days and 2 of the songs were from back then. The music I create for A Rose By Any Other Name is a better representation of what I listen to on an average day. I typically love music that is either the most insane thing ever or just the most chill and nonchalant thing ever. I rarely find pleasure in much in between. So I think it is just a natural direction for me, in contrast to the intense heavy music that I have done for so long now. An interesting side note is that I find that the more I play A Rose stuff, the more extreme The Chariot becomes. One benefits the other that is for sure."

A family affair, good friends and peers have added to the songs Scogin recalls "Matt Goldman, who recorded all of The Chariot albums as well as working with Underoath and Copeland plays drums, Lou from the band Gasoline Heart adds bass, backing vox and some guitar depending on the songs. Many more friends who are not necessarily in any bands or anything have contributed pieces here and there as well."

Scogin has played some impromptu shows with his acoustic doing material from A Rose By Any Other Name but on the subject of touring he says, "The Chariot rarely stays off the road long enough for me to do anything else so I don't plan to do a full tour this year but I won't rule out shows here and there."

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