Gene Simmons Criminally Cleared of Mall Assault but Faces Sexual Assault Claim:: Top Story For May

Gene Simmons Criminally Cleared of Mall Assault but Faces Sexual Assault Claim was a top story in May. Here is the recap: Gene Simmons has been criminally cleared of one assault claim and now faces a civil claim for another one. The Los Angeles district attorney's office will not charge Simmons with an alleged assault of a couple in a mall, but a makeup artist counter-sued Simmons on Wednesday claiming sexual assault.

AP reports that the mall couple, Nathan and Cynthia Marlowe claim Simmons choked them and "took their video camera after they started filming the star, while Simmons told police that Marlowe shoved the camera in his face and that he feared for his family's safety."

They are still suing Simmons for "$25,000 in damages for claims of assault, battery and emotional distress, including damage to their sex life." How the alleged incident damaged their sex life is anyone's guess. But speaking of sex, Simmons was sued on Thursday by a make-up artist who claims that the KISS star sexually assaulted her. This is the same woman that Simmons took legal action against earlier this month (see story here). In his suit, Simmons asked the court for a judicial declaration that no assault took place and that ESPN makeup artist Victoria Jackson did not suffer any damages or injuries attributable to him.

You can read the AP report for details on Jackson's claims against Simmons - here

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