Metallica and KISS Members To Be Guitar Hero 6 Characters:: Top Story For May

Metallica and KISS Members To Be Guitar Hero 6 Characters was a top story in May. Here is the recap: Did the Kurt Cobain fiasco spell the end to playable characters in one of the most popular music based games? Perhaps. 1Up.com reports that playable characters will be a thing of the past in the upcoming Guitar Hero 6. But that doesn't mean that the game won't include rock stars. They report that Gene Simmons and Metallica's Lar Ulrich will be included in the new Guitar Hero.

1up.com reports: Simmons will narrate a brand new Quest Mode, where players will "recruit" other rock stars and unlock their "song sets" along the way. You can also unlock the musician's "alter ego" (such as Lars becoming "Warrior Lars") which give you bonus powers.

Queen, Black Sabbath and KISS are confirmed to have songs in the game which could be ready for release this holiday season . - more on this story

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