Queensryche Injured In Iraq Bombing

(Rock AAA) Vocal armed forces supporters Queensryche were the victims of a bomb attack during a recent visit to war-torn Iraq but frontman Geoff Tate insists making the trip was the least the band could do.

The prog metal outfit played a series of shows for military personnel. While in northern Iraq they were forced to take cover when a battle exploded around them, and although none of them were killed, they were left injured and shaken by the experience.

"We got bombed. We had to spend a lot of hours in bunkers there, waiting for the insurgents to get under control. We all lived through it although we got injured that was a scary situation," Tate tells BraveWords.com. "A mortar landed about a hundred yards from where I was standing the ground just shook. It was amazingly powerful and scared the hell out of me. I'd just been standing there watching the sun come up, eating a little container of yoghurt and boom the bomb goes off." - The tale continues here

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