Scott Lucas & the Married Men Bonus and CMJ

Scott Lucas & the Married Men are offering Who Listens To Radio Anymore?: Live Sessions, a bonus digital album available exclusively with the purchase of the vinyl version of The Absolute Beginners EP, out October 19th on G&P Records.

They will be at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York, playing Wednesday, October 20th at 11p.m. at Local 269. "Can't wait to get back in a van with these guys," Lucas claims.

Lucas' band Local H will also release an EP of cover songs, Local H's Awesome Mix Tape #1, on October 19th.

Lucas compiled Who Listens To Radio Anymore?: Live Sessions from the dozens of in-studio appearances and interviews he and his backing band did over the past year. It clocks in at almost an hour, giving fans who purchase the 4-song, 30-minute vinyl EP a lot more music for one low, low price. "I was going to pick out 2 or 3 radio performances to include with the download coupon. But I got carried away, of course," explains Lucas. "There was so much good stuff. And, I wanted to put it together like that Beatles BBC record - with little snippets of dialogue between the songs. Tom [Szidon - bass player for the Married Men] gives great interview. He's kind of a master at it. I'm totally in awe."

For his second solo release of 2010, Lucas has broadened his musical scope and greatly expanded his line-up, pulling together a collective of musicians that currently numbers seven and includes violin, accordion and organ. The result sounds quite different than his two-man rock band Local H and is a perfect fit for Lucas' heartfelt songs of longing for a love lost. Reviewers have compared Scott Lucas & the Married Men to American Music Club, Paul K. & the Weathermen and Lambchop among others. Named for the David Bowie track that he covers, the EP also features re-workings of two songs that appeared on his solo debut, George Lassos the Moon, as well as a cover of Local H's "Hey, Rita."

Who Listens To Radio Anymore?: Live Sessions
1. Don't Wiggle This Thing So Much (Interview #1)
2. Get Up! You Damn, Dead Horse
3. A Different Sound (Interview #2)
4. Weatherman
5. People Like It (Interview #3)
6. Extra Special Bitter
7. Stollen Umbrellas
8. The Right Thing To Do (Interview #4)
9. What Fools Allow
10. A Very Private Person (Interview #5)
11. You Put A Spell On Me
12. The Columbia Yacht Club (Interview #6)
13. Absolute Beginners
14. Dot.Scott (Interview #7)
15. Purple Train

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