Singled Out: Von Sleight

Today Von Sleight tells us about the title track from their brand new album "New Kraut". Here is the story:

The inspiration for the title track of the New Kraut album was to make fun of the idea that everything new is always better. Walking around the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle where we live, we see that there are old establishments being torn down and new condos sprouting up in their place. The "new" can be likened to a "virus" that comes from outer space as in a William Burroughs novel. We documented this idea in our New Kraut video.

This video follows a UFO that delivers New Kraut to the good people of earth where it is discovered and gets propagated into supermarkets for mass commercialization. The concept also makes fun of ourselves since the "krautrock" on this album is new, but not necessarily better and is infectious groove music like a virus from outer space.

The video also documents the recording of this song. Brian is featured on vocals and playing the Electribe synthesizer, while Sean is on percussion. Not shown in the video is Brian playing fretless bass and Sean playing the Kaossilator. Also not shown is our musical advisor, Sybert Johnson, a cat who runs out of the room when the recordings are not to his liking. Luckily he stayed in the room for this particular recording to let us know the music was acceptable, but is not shown in the video to remain incognito.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself, check out the video and learn more about the album - right here!

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