Over 75 Rare Van Halen Songs Now Online

Chris Gossett has posted the mother-load of rare and unreleased Van Halen tracks on his site, which span the band's entire career from 1976 to 2009.

Gossett has posted his collection online which not only contains rare Van Halen songs but also includes a handful of tunes from "The Van Halen Circle" (including Sammy Hagar & The Waboritas and Chickenfoot), according to Gossett's site. Plus there are some rare jams including Eddie with Roger Waters and another with Patty Smyth.

The site says that nearly all tracks featured on it will be "new" to 99 percent of listeners. The most recent or "NEW Van Halen" of these song tracks is an entire concert by Van Halen from 2008 (5-7-08 from Columbus, Ohio) in 25 parts that have crystal clear sound, with enhanced audio. - Check them out here

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