Jimi Hendrix Book Signing Event

The San Francisco Art Exchange will be hosting a book signing for "The Experience: Jimi Hendrix at Masons Yard" on Friday, 10/1 from 5-7pm with photographer Gered Mankowitz.

Mankowitz is a rock and roll photographer who captured iconic images of Hendrix back in the 60s, and he is releasing the book on 9/18, which is the actual day Jimi Hendrix passed away in 1970.

The book "The Experience: Jimi Hendrix at Masons Yard" features photos taken by Mankowitz, some which are unseen. The signing is open to the public, and anyone attending the signing can kill two birds with one stone by meeting Mankowitz and viewing the San Francisco Art Exchange's Hendrix show at the same time.
- http://www.sfae.com/

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