When The Doors Met Jim Morrison

(Gibson) With the recent release of the documentary, When You're Strange, The Doors are, once again, in the news. The film, directed by Tom DiCillo and narrated by Johnny Depp, is a more balanced account of the band's meteoric rise from the L.A. club scene to international superstardom and their ultimate collapse with the death of Jim Morrison than seen in Oliver Stone's biopic, The Doors.

Robby Krieger and John Desmore sat down with The Brief to take a look back at the band's career, beginning with their introduction to Jim Morrison. "It was Ray [Manzarek] who introduced us to Jim and we didn't know what to think," said Densmore. "Ray said he had never sung before and he was extremely shy, so I thought, 'He's not going to the next Mick Jagger.' But he turned out to be the only Jim Morrison. He was perfect as a frontman. You know, back then, the words 'rock star' weren't in our vocabulary, it wasn't even an energy drink."

"Jim didn't seem that different when I first met him," recalled Krieger. "He seemed like a normal kind of guy, a very good looking guy, but just normal. It wasn't until we started rehearsing that I had an idea of how crazy he was. The first time we realized was when we all went out. We all took things, but he just took more. Way more. And one night he took 10 tabs of acid, that's when we knew he was different and would do everything too much, whether it was booze or drugs. We were always worried about him. At one of our early rehearsals, Ray and John and me were all there but Jim never showed up. We made some calls and found out he was in jail out in the desert somewhere for fighting with some bikers." - more on this story

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