Eddie Kramer To Preview Jimi Hendrix Boxset During Art Exhibit Opening Night

Eddie Kramer, the audio engineer and producer who worked closely with Jimi Hendrix on every album the guitarist issued during his lifetime, will be at the San Francisco Art Exchange to talk to press about an unreleased box set featuring 45 unreleased Hendrix tracks.

The box set titled "West Coast Seattle Boy: The Jimi Hendrix Anthology" will not be released until November 16. The Hendrix family and Kramer are giving the guests of San Francisco Art Exchange special insight into these unreleased tracks, through Mr. Kramer's sophisticated knowledge and experience of his friend and colleague, Jimi Hendrix, during his attendance at the opening night reception of "Can You See Me? A Life Through the Lens," a Hendrix photography exhibition. Intimate studio shots of Hendrix, taken by Kramer are part of the exhibition.

The unreleased box set contains five discs total: Four audio CD's and a 90 minute documentary on DVD. San Francisco Art Exchange will play the DVD during the reception, as well as the four disc audio set. The discs chart Hendrix's career, starting with songs he played as a side-man or session guitarist on the first disc. The next three discs consist of unreleased demos and alternate takes, totaling 45 unreleased tracks. - More info on the exhibit here

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