Singled Out: JRandall's Spirit of the Radio

Welcome to Singled Out! where we ask artists to tell us the inside story of their latest single. Today JRandall's tells us about his hit single "Spirit of the Radio" from the Step Up 3D soundtrack. We now turn it over to JRandall for the story:

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and the birds were singing as I sat on top of a hill to write what we now know of as "Spirit of the Radio"… Actually it was a Friday night around 6pm at Poe Boy Music Group Studios in Hialeah, Florida. I had a really long day, so my expectations of a successful session were low, but I was quickly introduced to LA hip-hop producer "COZMO," who played me a couple beats as I lethargically danced around waiting for a spark.

I judge my tracks by seeing if I can envision myself performing to them. Cozmo played this 90s/hip-hop beat for my manager Adam Kluger and I, Adam said "You should write some crazy Gaga "Pokerface" s*** to this." I was reluctant at first to attempt something that big, but when I wrote the melody for the pre-hook, "I need a melody to move my feet," that got me inspired, and I realized I had something...although I was thinking that it would be the final hook! Then Jase; singer/songwriter/pimp by night, jumped in and was collabing with me after that, and he had the whole o-o-o-o chant that you hear in the hook.

I was sure that the song would be called Spirit of the something because the music was eerie and mysterious. So let the brainstorming begin; Spirit of the Night, Spirit of the Dance Floor, Spirit of the Darkness, Spirit of the… screw this song already! Then I received a text from my manager that read "Spirit of the Radio!" It felt good so I immediately just wanted to make it about my relationship with the radio. That's where "I need the new Gaga, and Akon give me one more" stemmed from. I just rolled with that vibe for both verses and knocked those out real quick. Now the bridge was a hassle… I can't lie I suck at bridges. I think I laid down three that night and all were unsuccessful.

Around 4am we called it quits, everything was done except for the bridge. I've recorded so many songs that I had no expectations, but around noon the following day I got word that Eric "E-Class" Prince (Poe Boy Music Group CEO) said the record was a "movie" meaning a big event/hit record. I came the next day with Jase and we recorded two bridges, the second one we kept and knew it was special. Now I just thank god I didn't name it Spirit of the Night!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album - right here!

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