25 Things You Don't Know About Dave Grohl

With the release of the Foo Fighters' new album, Wasting Light, Dave Grohl was asked to tell Us Weekly "25 Things You Don't Know Me" in their current issue.

Here are the top 14: 1. I love skeet shooting. (And I'm a damn good shot.) 2. I still listen to Ace of Base. 3. My entire life, I've had the same recurring dream about a house I've never been to. 4. I was VP of my freshman class in high school. 5. I also did the morning announcements. 6. When I was young, my spine was crooked, so for years I had to wear a lift on my left shoe. 7. I never took lessons to play the drums. I learned to play on pillows in my bedroom.

8. I try to go mountain biking five days a week. 9. My favorite drink is Brennivin Icelandic schnapps. 10. Lacrosse was my favorite sport growing up. I was a goalie for years. 11. I dropped out of high school to start touring with a band at 17. I've toured almost every year since. 12. I can speak with a whistle. (It's really hard to explain. You have to hear it.) 13. My parents almost named me Hans. So my nickname as a child was "Hans Grohlo." (It was the 70s.) 14. I believe in UFOs. Check out the rest of the list here

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