Unreleased Jerry Garcia Footage To Hit Theaters

(Gibson) The Grateful Dead Movie first released in 1977 is scheduled for a one-night re-release in 540 theaters on Wednesday, April 20, and will feature never-before-released footage of late frontman Jerry Garcia talking about learning to play guitar.

"I wanted to teach myself [to play guitar]," says Garcia in the new interview, below. "I wasn't really into [singing and writing lyrics. I got into that when we started performing. Playing the guitar was my main trip Even so I wasted a lot of time in terms of learning. I still am not learning as well as I could be under different circumstances. But it's the only way I can interface my personality with the problem of learning. It's worth it for those moments where it's on and your technique isn't standing in the way."

The film captures The Grateful Dead's five-night stand at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco during the fall of 1974. Want a taste?

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