Two Former AC/DC Stars Involved in Bon Scott Birthday Jam

(Submitted) Australian all-star band Raise The Flag lure two ex members of rock legends AC/DC for the first time! In a world first they join the lineup and help Oz rock fans celebrate the world's #1 rock singer, Bon Scott on his 65th Birthday weekend.

On the rhythm section Simon Wright (UK/USA), best known for his drum work with AC/DC, UFO, DIO and who recorded on albums 'Fly On The Wall', 'Who Made Who', 'Blow Up Your Video' along with six DIO albums, joins Mark Evans, bass man during AC/DC's rise to fame in the 70's and who's work is on albums 'High Voltage', 'TNT', 'Let There Be Rock' and 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap'.

Raise The Flag features guitars by ex The Angels star, James Morley powering one Marshall stack and introduces Mick Adkins who drives the second Marshall stack and takes on the big task of laying down Angus solos. The pair belt out the songs in 'Young' fashion and are elevated by soaring rock vocals delivered by Anthony 'Skenie' Skene of The Poor.

The set list will feature songs written, co written or sung to fame by Bon and include many of the classic anthems Australians have taken as their own such as 'Jailbreak', 'Long Way To The Top', 'Whole Lotta Rosie', 'If You Want Blood' and will feature plenty of surprises that die-hard Bon fans will love.

For the Fremantle show, as midnight rolls over, we will raise the flag to Bon for his 65th Birthday and celebrate all the way through to the Gold Coast. Though many of these performers never met Bon, it's the legacy he left behind that these musicians admire and brings them together to remind you that he is Bon but not Forgotten.

Raise The Flags have these artists featured in other shows not Bon related: Dave Gleeson and Paul Woseen - The Screaming Jets, Paul Wheeler - The ChoirBoys and Izzy Osmanovich - ex The Screaming Jets at various shows with founding members Morley and Adkins the only permanents of this guitar driven salute to Australian Rock 'n' Roll.

See these legends perform at: Friday July 8 The Metro Fremantl


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