Joe Elliot Says The Time Is Right For Def Leppard's First Live Album

(Rock AAA) With a career spanning more than 30 years and 10 studio albums, it's astonishing that Def Leppard have waited all this time to put together a live album. The band's first, "Mirrorball" hits the shops in June but frontman Joe Elliott says that they never really had an opportunity to do it sooner.

Speaking to Rock Radio's Tom Russell, Elliott explained: "We found growing up all the live albums that influenced us Strangers in the Night by UFO, Live and Dangerous, Frampton Comes Alive, All the World's a Stage by Rush they would come out notoriously after three studio albums that weren't necessarily the most brilliantly produced.

"When you heard them live they were so superior. It gave these bands careers a bit of a kick start and a year off to write a fourth album. We never had that luxury. By the time we had done an 18 month world tour, we had the record company breathing down our necks looking for the next studio album."

However things changed for Leppard once they had completed their touring schedule in 2010.

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