When Def Leppard Went Grunge

(Gibson) Producer/engineer Pete Woodroffe has provided a unique insight into the Def Leppard inner sanctum during the recording of the band's 1996 album Slang, which found the group abandoning their pop hooks for a more experimental sound amid the prevailing grunge records of the time.

Speaking to rockpages.gr, Woodroffe said Nirvana had changed everything, and the members of Def Leppard were all listening to a whole new type of music. "They wanted to grow as a band and, of course, they were writing the songs without [producer] Mutt [Lange]," Woodroffe said.

"Because they'd been so huge at the end of the '80s, they were almost emblematic of what grunge was trying to replace. With Slang we tried to make a really strong album that took on board what was going on around us. …It was strange to be moving away from the usual Def Leppard sound, but at the same time it was really exciting. We rented a villa in Spain and put in a studio which was just a load of ADAT tape machines and Mackie mixing desks that I'd borrowed from the band's home studios." more on this story

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