Long Distance Calling Offer Up Free Song Download

(Freeman) Instrumental rockers Long Distance Calling have made their brand new track "The Figrin D'an Boogie" available as free download.

"Dear friends, a new year just started, so we figured it was high time for a small, belated gift to you. We are a little proud about presenting a first song from our upcoming album to you, it's a track called 'The Figrin D'an Boogie'. Some of you might have already heard it during our shows in the fall of last year. However, we cannot wait for your feedback now that you can check it out in its full glory and as often as you like. It is definitely a representation of what you can expect from the new album.

"Short before Christmas we even found the time to shoot a video-clip for the opening track 'Into The Black Wide Open'. It is still a bit tough to say when we will be able to show it to you, but you can already check out a few behind the scenes underneath. It got damn late and cold during the shooting, but it was worth it." Check it out here

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