Bruce Springsteen and Def Leppard Inspired the New Lady Gaga Album

(Gibson) Lady Gaga recently credited Bruce Springsteen and Def Leppard as being a big influence on her new album, Born This Way. The singer chatted away on an interview with the Musicians@Google series, according to Rolling Stone.com.

"I'm actually really obsessed with Bruce Springsteen," she said. "My father used to play a lot of Bruce Springsteen records when I was a kid, and he was blue collar America. And in a way, I related to Bruce because I watched my father, a blue collar American citizen, relate to Bruce and I think that in a social way, my fans feel blue collar. They feel like they're the underdogs that will someday be the winners. And I took the influence of Bruce on my father in my life to create this album."

Gaga is so into The Boss, that she got E Street Band member Clarence Clemons to play on one of the album's tracks, "The Edge of Glory." And the Def Leppard angle?

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