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Lick Library continue their "Jam With" series with the release of the Jam with Def Leppard guitar tuition double DVD complete with a CD of backing tracks to play along to. Here's the details they sent over:

This DVD set takes you right from the early years through to more current tracks so you can really learn to play songs from one of the best selling bands in the world.

Def Leppard, who headline Download June 2011, are one of only five rock bands with two original studio albums selling over ten millions copies in the US, the other four being The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Van Halen.

Their music is a multi-layered mixture of hard rock and pop, full of harmonic vocals and melodic guitar riffs.

Their trade mark dual guitar sound arising from the inventive guitar orchestration of the 'terror twins' Steve Clark and Phil Collen. The combination of Steve 'the riffmaster' Clark and Phil Collen proved to be a perfect one.

They challenged, complimented and inspired each other producing the ideal guitar tandem. Clark's playing was rhythmic, melodic which contrasted and worked well with Collen's more technical and precise approach.

Jam with Def Leppard (RRP 27.99) brings you seven timeless Def Leppard tracks which includes Bring On the Heartbreak from their 1981 second album High 'n' Dry. From Def Leppard's third album Pyromania, released in 1983, Jamie Humphries takes a look at the all time great Photograph, which some consider the best pop metal song ever and Rock of Ages notable for the lack of guitar playing during the verses, but the choruses more than make up for that. Also broken down into bite size pieces is the title track of the 1987 fourth album Hysteria, a mellow ballad with a clean guitar melody. This song has eleven guitar parts; Jamie concentrates on what you can hear and presents a hybrid you can play. Also from this album is the bands first top ten hit in the UK Animal, the song often regarded as the bands signature song Pour Some Sugar on Me and finally the wonderful power ballad Love Bites.

Jamie Humphries, one of the UK's top rock guitarists, currently on tour with Brian May, presents the guitar tuition DVD. With the characteristic Lick Library split screen you can clearly see both of Jamie's hands as he walks you through these tracks giving plain easy to understand explanations of what he is doing as he goes along. The set comes with a CD of all seven backing track so you can practice what you learn with a real band. Guitar tuition is at its best when you can go back, slow down, play along whenever and however you want, and that is exactly what this DVD allows you to do.

Going to Download this year? As well as Lick Library's new DVD on the headliners Def Leppard they also have Guitar Tuition DVD's on other Download bands including Avenge Sevenfold. To find out more about the full range of products visit www.licklibrary.com

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