Former AC/DC Bandmate Remembers Bon Scott

Bazillion Points sent over another excerpt from former AC/DC bassist Mark Evan's upcoming book "Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside/Outside AC/DC," which is set to be released in November. Today's except deals the late AC/DC frontman Bon Scott.

In the book, Evans carefully illuminates at length the little-known real-life character of legendary frontman Bon Scott, with whom he shared buses, hotels, and stages for years. "Bon was used to calamity," Evans writes about one of the singer's many scrapes. "Before joining AC/DC he endured a long stay in an Adelaide hospital after a near-fatal motorcycle crash. Bon was always willing to show me the bloodstains on the inside of his black leather bike jacket, courtesy of that smash. It was a favorite jacket of his and showed up in quite a few photos over the early years. It was a funky black leather number; Bon had sewn fake leopard-skin patches on the shoulders. He was handy with a sewing needle, that boy."

"Bon was very big on comics. That's one memory of Bon that comes to me quite regularly: his head buried in a comic book, reading with intent if it was Conan or having a good giggle if he was reading BC. Bon was also an avid letter writer; he was always knocking out postcards or letters to family and friends, keeping them up with news from the front-or should I say, his front. My other strongest memories of Bon are his laugh and his cheeky grin. You know the grin, where you can't help but think he was either up to mischief or had just gotten away with something. That was a hell of a grin." More info on the book here

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