Geoff Tate Vs Queensryche (Top 12 of June 2012)

Geoff Tate Vs Queensryche was a top 12 rock story of June 2012: It appears that Geoff Tate isn't taking his ousting from Queensryche without a fight as he says he has started legal action against the members of his former group.

Rolling Stone conducted an extensive interview with Tate where he gives his side of the story. Tate tells them, " Well, we're in a lawsuit right now and it's probably gonna get ugly. I filed a claim a couple of days ago. So it's all going to the legal system now to sort out who is what, and who owns what, and that stuff."

He goes into great details about the differences between him and the other members of the group, debunks the internet "knife" rumor and explains when he thinks the rift began. He tells RS, " I think it really began around February of this year. It mainly started with a disagreement about economics, about moving our merchandising to a third party. We had control over our own merchandising company for years and years and we ran it ourselves. It's a very successful entity, and the other three guys wanted to take it out of our hands and hand it over to somebody else and pay them more money to operate it, which just seemed liked a ridiculous business idea to me. That's really where the disagreement started."

The story doesn't stop there. Read the full interview here.

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