Singled Out: Message To Venus

Today Message To Venus vocalist Jandre Nadal tells us about their new single "Change" from their latest album "The Envelope". Here is the story:

I remember sitting on the beach one day, relaxing my mind from some uneasy situations I was going through. We can all sometimes get comfortable with a certain lifestyle. Confused or manipulated, our minds become contaminated by their surroundings.

I was thinking about how others have managed to change for the good or the bad, to be reborn, to start over again, to cleanse their thoughts, to be given a hand or to be left out. We are all looking for a change, and sometimes we have to accept a loss in order to gain.

I was still living at my parents' house at the time, lost my job, music was far from going where I wanted it to. My relationship was a mess, I was a mess. I was distracted from the path I was meant to take by decisions I was doubting. I remember hearing an Arabic-style melody going through my head over and over and over again. Similar to the music of the gypsies and Ravi Shankar. 'Change' was born. At first I wrote the lyrics with a "looking back" point of view. But I didn't want to be someone who dwells too much in the past, carrying unnecessary weight on my shoulders. I wanted to look forward. The song lost its direction around that time, so I rewrote a new addition, something else to motivate myself and others to do the better, to change. Now I pretty much feel like I'm back on my feet mentally, physically and socially.

At the time when 'Change' was coming out as another single, we had the opportunity to perform with MGMT in front of thousands of people. We decided to do a live video for it. Getting footage of us having a good time backstage, at rehearsal, just goofing around because it's part of the progress and the relationship you have as musicians but most important, as people. We yet didn't have the budget for a storyline but it was still fun and and we kept it as real as possible.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself as you watch the video right here!

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