Singled Out: Cherri Bomb's Too Many Faces

Today rising rockers Cherri Bomb tell us about their new single "Too Many Faces" from their debut album "This Is The End of Control". Here is the story:

We wrote "Too Many Faces" when we started realizing what our friends really thought about us. It was around the same time when we decided to take the band to the next level, focusing our lives around playing music together.

So many people, who never looked our way before, started coming up to us to try to spark a friendship. People we'd been friends with for years decided that we were out of our minds to dedicate so much time to writing and playing that they just stopped talking to us cold. Some people started rumors. Some people lied about being our best friends.

It was a confusing time because all we had done was decide to follow what our hearts were telling us to do, and everyone's faces started changing before our eyes. You don't really know who your friends are until you're faced with walking through fire together it was an incredible lesson.

So, one day we're in the studio, we just started playing and "Too Many Faces" came out. We think a lot of people can relate to the emotion of thinking you know someone inside and out and then the kick in the gut when you realize you really didn't know that person at all.

We felt it could be an anthemic song. A lot of people can relate to a friend turning on you for reasons you didn't expect.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album (the official video is expected to be released today and should be posted here.

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