The Science of Rock 'N' Roll Launches

We were sent over this information about the launch of The Science of Rock 'N' Roll which gives fans an interesting perspective on rock: The Science of Rock 'N' Roll is the story of this music told through the lens of science and technology. When you think about it, rock and technology have always been inseparable. Enter The Science of Rock 'N' Roll museum exhibit, a brand new way of looking at things.

"Rock is as much a product of science and technology as it is the offspring of blues, R&B, hillbilly and jazz," said Alan Cross, Director of Content director for The Science of Rock 'N' Roll. "Scientific discoveries have had an incalculable effect on how we make, listen to, sell, acquire, perform, share and enjoy music. At the same time, rock has inspired the development of new technologies that have ended up having applications beyond music."

The Science of Rock 'N' Roll—on now at Union Station in Kansas City until May 2013—features seven galleries that highlight the relationship between rock and tech. And it's is not an exhibit that guests come to view. It's a full-on interactive and immersive experience.

It's all very hands-on. There are guitars and drums to be to be played. Learn the complete history of recorded music technology from the phonograph to the iPhone. Investigate the scientific principles behind sound and music and then compose your own song. Listen to how we went from mono to 5.1. Remix David Bowie. Step into a recording booth and record a song. Learn how synthesizers work. Explore the neurochemistry of your brain as it processes music. And there are plenty of rare artifacts to see.

Each guest receives a special backstage pass that will allow them to record themselves using interactive pods. Once that's done, they can share that content with family and friends through social media. The mobile app also will offer a comprehensive audio tour with detailed information about each gallery narrated by Alan Cross, content director for the exhibit. (Alan is also the former host of internationally syndicated alt-rock radio shows, The Ongoing History of New Music and The Secret History of Rock. He was also PD of 102.1 the Edge/Toronto.)

Once the Kansas City run is complete, the roadies will load everything up and transport the exhibit to new science centers across the continent. It's just a matter of time before it shows up in your town.

Learn more here.

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