Aerosmith's Tom Hamilton Cancer Free

Aerosmith guitarist Tom Hamilton says in a new interview that he recently learned that he is now cancer free.

Hamilton spoke with Backstageaxxess.com earlier this month to promote the band's current tour and new studio album, "Music From Another Dimension". During the interview Hamilton discussed working with Jack Douglass again and his cancer battle. Excerpts of those parts of the conversation are below:

Backstageaxxess.com: You were diagnosed with throat cancer back in 2006 and battled with it since then. Where do you stand with it today and how are you feeling?

Tom: I'm feeling really good! I'm cancer free as of 5 days ago. (Editor's note: this interview was conducted on Wednesday November 14, 2012). I had it 2006 and had it again in 2009. The doctor who treated me in 2009 said "Listen, I can help you in a way that is going to preserve your way of life, but you're going to have to come in here a lot afterwards for a long time!" I was completely fine with it and I said sign me up! I go in there about every 2-3 months. I get looked at by having the doctor put a scope down my throat. It's a nerve racking process but I don't have to worry about it for another couple of months and I'm feeling great!

Backstageaxxess.com: "Music from Another Dimension" is the latest offering from Aerosmith and their 15th studio record. Jack Douglass, who produced some of Aerosmith's classic records "Get Your Wings," Toys in the Attic," Rocks" and "Draw the Line" was back at the helm to produce this record. How did Jack get involved with the band again?

Tom: There was always a desire in the band to investigate working with Jack again. He helped us learn how to use the studio and have fun in the studio back in the 70s when we were making "Toys in the Attic" "Rocks" along with a few others. Then we drifted apart and had been out of touch for years and years. Then Jack surfaced again and started coming to shows and doing certain projects for us. Then we developed this desire "I wonder what it would be like to go back in the studio with Jack?" Should we try it?" "What do you think?" About 2 years ago we had a moment where it was 100% unamanious [sic] and everyone was into it and Jack was available. So we pulled the trigger on it. It was a great decision. What Jack does well, that many producers don't do well, is to be a coach. This band works very well when we have great coach. We also did some work with Marti Frederiksen, who did some song writing on the record and he is also a producer that we worked with for years. He came in and lent his expertise too. Which we greatly appreciated! The interview covered a lot more ground, read it in full here.

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