Singled Out: Ghosts of Eden's In Motion

Today Tom from velvet grunge pioneers Ghosts of Eden tells us about the song "In Motion" which is featured in their just premiered debut music video and comes from their EP "Something (Kinetic)". Here is the story:

So "In Motion" is a song that has really evolved over time. I feel like we were writing and perfecting it forever. Most of our songs take one rehearsal to write, arrange and complete. This one took months, if not years. It all stemmed from our friend Gomez playing the this goofy 2 note riff on a keyboard during one of our rehearsals. It sounded really cheesey but Rich jokingly created a heavier guitar equivalent and that's the main riff that the song opens with.

We didn't really take it too seriously but I started singing the verses and it clicked. It was in limbo for a while so I took it home and added the bridge guitar riff and the choruses. Collectively we wrote the whole outro but it never really came to fruition like it did until Benny joined the band. We added a lot of little things, i.e. more dynamics, backing vocals, some keyboards. These proved to be missing pieces that had a major impact on the live energy that we put into the song which led it to be our #1 fan favorite song that we close all our sets with.

We know we could have picked one of our more radio friendly songs for our first music video, but this song is the song that fans have latched on to. This video is for all of the believers of Ghosts of Eden and Velvet Grunge out there. While the lyrics may not be very literal, what it's truly about is following your dreams and never letting anyone tell you it's stupid or that you can't do it. At the end of the day, whether you succeed or fail, you went for it, you're still here...alive.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and check out the brand new video here learn more about the EP right here!

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