Dolly Parton Addresses Cancer Rumors and Miley Cyrus' Bad Rap

(Extra) Extra's special correspondent Alecia Davis with the country icon Dolly Parton at her "Dollywood" theme park. Dolly who is filming the Lifetime movie "A Country Christmas" where she plays the host of a talent competition, blasting reports that she was being treated for cancer of the esophagus.

Dolly, "I am fine. And I will not make comment on some story in a rag magazine! Can't you see I'm fine!" Alecia, "No surgery? We're okay?" Dolly, "I'm fine. Do I look sick to you?"

Dolly, who considers herself Miley Cyrus's "honorary" godmother due to her close friendship with Billy Ray Cyrus saying she feels like Miley gets a bad rap in the rags as well, "I've known her since she was born…I just want her to grow the way she feels likes she needs to grow and I think people just need to let her to do that."

One person in Dolly's life who stays out of the spotlight, her husband of 47 years, "He doesn't want to be in show business. He's glad when I'm gone. He's glad when I'm home" Dolly also saying how the two make their marriage work, "He's funny. he makes me laugh a lot…We can be quiet together or we can be fun together." more on this story

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