Singled Out: Bonson Berner's Running Days

Today Pato Aloi from Bonson Berner tells us about the song "Running Days" from the brand new album "Passport". Here is the story:

Running days is one of those songs that just comes out… I mostly cut songs that way. I hit record and start playing and usually something going on at the time comes out.

I woke at night and went to a studio I had booked up overnight and started recording ideas. The exact same lyrics you listen in the song came on the original improve.

At the time, I had moved to the US and after being here for an year I was not earning any money… don't really knowing what to do… (I never really know what to do)… but I was happy with the adventure. I had recently arrived from NY and we know that city… it's a Running City. The feeling in the air was and is that these days go fast in big cities., even in LA that's a sparse metropolis but still you have so many things going on at the same time.

It's a happy and optimistic song about the speed of nowadays that's usually perceived as something bad. So everything was looking so fine… those running days.

The Video came out the same way two months later. I was visiting my girlfriend at the time, in NY and my younger brother Andres was visiting us. I woke up one day and told him "We are going to the Brooklyn Bridge to shoot a Video of a guy trying to get into the city and not being able to". We had no script or a clear Idea of what to do but went that same day and started shooting this stop motion video of a guy in the bridge that would play around but could not cross it… Next day we came up with the idea of him falling asleep… learning to fly from a ghost in his dreams and finally being able to fly towards the city. It took me a lot of time afterwards to edit and add the drawings on the video but the simple idea came clearer and clearer… a little cliché but straight forward… and happy. I guess to follow ones feelings or dreams and play around with our ghosts to learn to "fly" over the cities or realities we go through… to be able to do what we need and makes us happy.

I'm still in LA do, thinking of moving to NY all the time…. Will eventually! But I love LA and I'm not in a hurry… in these running days!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself by checking out the video here and learn more about the album right here!

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