Phish Frontman Trey Anastasio To Be Interviewed On PBS NewsHour

Phish frontman Trey Anastasio will be appearing for a rare interview with the PBS NewsHour that will air tomorrow (July 2nd) and he confirmed during the exchange that the band is working on a new album.

Anastasio recently sat down with the PBS NewsHour's Jeffrey Brown to discuss his musical inspirations, the band and their fans. Anastasio shares how he feels a real connection with his fans and that sense of community is central to Phish's success.

The show sent over some details along with a link for fans to share their Phish stories and preview parts of the interview: Online, the PBS NewsHour has asked Phish fans to share their stories, pictures and videos. Right after the broadcast profile airs, you will find Jeffrey Brown's entire 30 minute conversation with Anastasio on ART BEAT PBS NewsHour's blog of art & culture.

There you can also find shorter preview clips from their conversation, including Anastasio discussing how having the drinking age at 18 in Vermont in 1983 helped the band get its start. Check it out here.

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