Singled Out: Marla Mase's Queen of Imperfection

Today Marla Mase tells us about the self respect anthem "Queen of Imperfection" which comes from her latest album "Speak Deluxe". Here is the story:

"Woke up, yet again, with that familiar feeling; I can't keep up, and as much as I do in my life and I do a lot, I just can't keep up. All I had to do was look around my loft; papers piled up on the floor, piled up on the wood cabinets, light bulbs needing to be replaced, laundry to be folded, nothing in the fridge - and I almost went there - down that negative hole to the land of 'I Suck. What's Wrong With Me?'...and suddenly in a flick of the brain, I thought, So what? I can do whatever I want. I'm the Queen of Imperfection, and immediately the chorus came in to my brain, "I'm the Queen of Imperfection, Queen of Imperfection" - and I started writing other lyrics (much of what was cut from the final song), about having veins in my legs, and holes in my jeans but it was all 'All Right' because 'when it comes to down to it, in the middle of the night my body feels all right" or some such thing - basically confidence in knowing that passion, sexuality, connection has nothing to do with all those other things - the perfect home with the perfect curtains and the perfect paint job - or at least not with me it doesn't - and for months I would record into my phone 'I'm the Queen of Imperfection' whenever a new lyric/verse would come to me.

Months later when Tomás Doncker (my co-writer/guitarist/producer) and I were putting together songs for my SPEAK album I said I have this piece, Queen of Imperfection. And I pulled it out of a journal and sang it to him. And as is always the case, he got it right away, and started playing the chorus and arranging the verses. He immediately heard it as this rock anthem. It's very Mase as he likes to say and when he says that I know we're on the right track. Then we pared it down and kept it real simple.

Truth is this Perfection/Imperfection stuff is very important to me. My daughter struggled with anorexia for years (and as with all the anorexics I've met, and I've met many, one of the common aspects amongst them is an extreme perfectionism, perfectionism to the death and I mean that) as well as my son. He would get a home run in a baseball game and then say 'It wasn't a good enough home run'. Huh? What does that even mean?

So I had just about had it with being perfect. I saw the damage it did to those closest to me (myself included) as well as others not so close and I was so angry at THIS PERFECTIONISM (for wreaking havoc and causing amazing people to hate themselves) and this anger boiled up into Defiance and Irreverence. SCREW ALL THAT! I'm going to embrace my flaws and BASK IN THE GLOW OF THEM; EAT ME! HENCE THE QUEEN OF IMPERFECTION.

So much of us (well me) stop ourselves from doing stuff because we're afraid we're not good enough so instead we do nothing. FEAR FEAR FEAR and Queen of Imperfection is a call to Push Fear Aside and Say NO, this is who I am, people. What you see is what you get and I am not going to hide or go anywhere. I'm going to stand right here. So Take a look!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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