Singled Out: HITS' Madness

Today HITS frontman Louis Epstein tells us about the song "Madness" from their debut "Hits EP". Here is the story:

We were working on finishing up our EP, literally sorting through 15 or so songs. It was overwhelming and not all the songs matched energy-wise or were necessarily very good. I left the studio in the middle of the day to clear my head and take a break. As I walked up the street to the nearest coffee shop, I saw this girl sitting on a bench. She had these incredibly clear blue eyes, like she was from another planet, or was just incarnated that day, just for that moment. I walked past her, hurriedly got a cup of tea, and rushed back to where I had seen her, determined to witticisize her into boyfriending me. But she was already gone. So instead I was flooded with all these visons of her and I together, playing house, making babies, cooking dinner... And at the same time, I knew I was just too crazy, too upended, and just psychologically incapable of any of that!

I walked back to the studio and wrote the line, "Dont you want, dont you need, a nighttime fantasy with the madness that's in me." I wrote basically the entire song song in the next few hours and just changed the story as if I had fallen in love with a stranger that I had seen from an apartment window, "Look up and let me see heaven, from two stories down you pass by." I remember calling my friend and saying, "I just met my future wife...if I deserve her." Of course, we aren't married now, but maybe she's reading this and this is somehow sounding familiar? (It was September, I was wearing all white, after Labor Day no less, and a black winter hat, 4th ave, sun was out, we connected like bees and pollen, SWM, 6"2, enjoys anything you do, email me at [email protected]).

So like most songs, it's a "boy doesn't meet girl, girl doesn't meet boy, boy writes a song about an imagined meeting, girl hears the song, reads this article, emails boy and ."

Cause it all works out. Even the confusion surrounding the EP got hitched that day. "Madness" ended up being the sonic focal point that the rest of the songs on the EP orbited around.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and watch the video here and learn more about the EP and the band right here!

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