Singled Out: Muteboy's Sunny Day

Today Muteboy (a.k.a. singer/songwriter/producer Jeffrey DiLorenzo) tells us about his debut single "Sunny Day" which was released ahead of his debut album, "Dreamlife," that is coming later this spring. Here is the story:

Sunny Day is a song that came together pretty quickly, with most of the elements being recorded within a day. It came at a time when I had just completed a lengthy project and was pretty deep inside my own head trying to figure out how to expand on it, or how to come out of it, or what music was in general ... I was making a lot of weird stuff that was probably only listenable under heavy doses of acid.

Then I started looping a really simple kick pattern and playing a really simple organ part over it and the rest fell into place. It sounded and felt refreshing so I stuck it out and wrote lyrics, which are pretty sparse but representative of my feelings at the time.

I have a mathematical mind so I view lyrics, or any writing, as a sort of equation which must be reduced to its simplest, most effective form in order to properly convey meaning while remaining concise and musical. So the song tries to evoke the feelings associated with change--excitement, fear, acceptance--which is why I felt it would make a suitable leaping point for a new project.

The quotes at the beginning and end were added later and come from Robert Crumb and Susan Sontag, both of whom I find hugely inspirational. Beyond that I think any interpretation should be derived by the listener, the one who truly owns the song now. Somebody told me it could be a graduation song, which I guess makes sense although I dropped out so I can't really relate.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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