Singled Out: Killers Lodge's Land of Doom

Today Killers Lodge's John KillerBob from Cadaveria and former Necrodeath) tells us about the song "Land of Doom" which comes from their debut album "Unnecessary I". Here is the story:

We were in the rehearsal room: imagine a disused medieval castle, used as rehearsal rooms, or rather an old, moist, cold and abandoned hovel on the hill in front of the sea.

While I was setting up my back-line, LJ Dusk was improvising some guitar riffs and suddenly he started playing this fast part. The strange thing is that he played it in D, on the fourth string, while he usually prefers lower-pitched sounds. The riff reminded me of something from Iron Maiden, although it was different from any Irons song. I still hadn't turned on my amp when Machete started playing a power metal pattern, with this fast double-kick: I thought he would have died before reaching the end of the riff. Instead, within two minutes we were playing the fastest song that would have been included in the album!

Then I inserted the verse, which unlike the main riff is more relaxed, while maintaining the speed, and the chorus, that is more melodic and with the drums playing a mid-time. The particularity of the chorus is that it's composed of a succession of chords that are never repeated.

Then came the time for the solo: I wanted to use the chorus riff, but LJ Dusk had problems interpreting it because the chords are constantly changing, so I played the solo with the bass, following the melody and harmonizing it.
And finally I wrote the text: I am not a religious one, but I was thinking about heaven and hell and I asked myself, "but if paradise is really how they describe it, are we sure we want to spend the eternity in a place that's so boring?"

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself with a free download here and learn more about the album right here!

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