Singled Out: Chris Koza's Radio Wave

Today Rogue Valley's Chris Koza tells us about the song "Radio Wave" from his brand new solo album "In Real Time," which was released this week. Here is the story:

"Radio Wave" is the first single from my new album In Real Time to be released October 28th. "Radio Wave" is a commentary on the multiplex of the new social experience, and the pursuit of meaning in an overwhelming sea of opportunities.

Radio Wave ended up differently than what I initially thought would happen. I brought it into the studio after having loosely charted and fleshing out the arrangement the night before. I gave the charts to the musicians, and we started jamming on the chord progression while I hummed over the top. I had some ideas for hooks and a groove, but the melody was in shambles. After we did 2-3 takes - which is all we had time for at the end of a long, last day of tracking - everyone felt fine; that the song "played itself." It was in my personal studio that over the next year I could write and re-write the lyrics, change the format of the song, and sing about 200 takes before it felt like the features had taken shape on an anonymous malleable form.

Overall, this song is a bit of an Americana-disco-outlier on the album. It's got the same textures as some of the other train-beat shuffles and ballads; upright bass, acoustic guitar, pedal steel, and piano - but the sum of the parts gives it a middle-of-the-night-wet-streets-loner-dance-party vibe.

The second best place to listen to this song is probably in a car or on headphones while going to meet friends. The first best place is cranked up loud at a house party where it will flow easily between The Bee Gee's, Gotye, Chris Issak, and Robert Palmer.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the album and find Chris' upcoming tour dates with Ingrid Michaelson right here!

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