The Melvins' Buzz Osborne Gets New Gig As MLB Correspondent

(FOX Sports Radio) The Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne joined Steve Gorman Sports! on April 2, to discuss his love of baseball and ended up agreeing to be the show's new weekly MLB correspondent. The show sent over the following highlights:

Steve Gorman: "You're playing little league as a kid. How long did you play and when did you realize maybe you weren't cut out to be an athlete full time?"

Osborne: "Well, I always knew I wasn't cut out to be full time, but I liked playing up until I was in junior high school - maybe 8th or 9th grade, and I really started hating the people I was playing with, so I walked away from all of it."

Gorman: "You know what, that will happen. Sometimes the problem with sports is the guys playing them."

Osborne: "Yes, I couldn't stand it and even to this day, I can't stand listening to … I really only like baseball… but if you had tickets to any professional sporting event I would go, you know, but I really only follow baseball. I cannot listen to those guys get interviewed, I shut it off. I cannot stand listening to jocks talk."

Gorman: "But now you're writing a Dodgers preview for Rolling Stone magazine. How did you get roped into that?"

Osborne: "They wanted me to do it, there's a guy over there that likes me and somehow knew I had an interest in baseball, and I have a huge interest, I mean I'm certainly no expert, but I'm a fan, I'm a huge fan and I always feel like I have more to learn."

Gorman: "Well we need a rock major league baseball correspondent to be on the show on a regular basis if you got a little extra time during the season."

Osborne: "Oh, I'm all over it. You wouldn't believe how few people me and Dale find on the road that want to talk about baseball" ***laughs***

Listen here.

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